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There is something incredibly romantic about entrusting the ocean with a message in a bottle in the hope it will be delivered and appreciated. In times certainly challenging to embark on new adventures, "Botta di Cru" was founded in 2022 to bring to Hong Kong the message of hundreds of passionate producers who devotedly entrust their life's work to the content of a bottle. Our goal is to enhance appreciation for the extraordinary variety of the most distinctive Italian flavours that the genuinely curious local community is willing to experience.

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Have you tasted Nebbiolo wines from Alto Piemonte yet?

Have you tasted Nebbiolo wines from Alto Piemonte yet?

Nebbiolo is the name of the red grape variety that is most famously known to produce the great bottlings of Barolo and Barbaresco, both of which come from the Langhe area and...
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Oltretorrente – biodiversity at its fullest

Oltretorrente – biodiversity at its fullest

It has been more than two years since we were last in Italy. WhatsApp and Zoom can do so much to keep us in touch with producers we used to visit regularly. Chiara helps by sending...
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