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Garrone - Prunent Diecibrente

750 ml

Grapes for this wine are cultivated in a hundred-year-old vineyard in Pello di Trontano, to produce only 660 bottles. The name of this wine come from the combination of "Dieci", which means ten in Italian, and "Brenta", an old unit of measurement used for wine to indicate a wooden container used to transport it. This wine is procuded in quantity which equals 10 brenta. Prunent is a silky and satisfying wine with fresh sour hints. Ruby red with garnet shades in colour, the nose shows intense citrus with artemisia and pepper notes, and the mouth-feel is round and lengthened by fine acid notes.

Producer: Garrone
Appellation: Valli Ossolane DOC
Grapes: Nebbiolo
Vintage: 2019
Region: Piedmont
Alc. %: 13