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Crotta di Prado - Gewürztraminer

750 ml

Aromatic wine from a micro artisan winery and fruit grower in the Aosta Valley. The vineyards are in a hilly area, between 650 and 750 meters above sea level, with northern exposure. This excellent location allows for the grapes to thrive at cold temperatures so to develop elegant aromas of fresh grapes, grape juice, together with exotic fruit, white and yellow roses, aromatic herbs and spice notes. Soft and delicate in the mouth, it is dry, which sets it apart from the wines of the same grape produced in Trentino. Only a few hundreds bottles per year produced.

Producer: Crotta di Prado
Appellation: Valle d'Aosta DOC
Grapes: Gewürztraminer
Vintage: 2020
Region: Valle d'Aosta
Alc. %: 13